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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  September 8, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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message about getting ahead to america's school children, while a political uproar gets ahead of his speech. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm craig melvin in for jim handly today. the president talked to children today to take the challenge of pride in education. not all students had access to the president's speech. >> today's speech came after days of critics branding president obama's speech as propaganda, but the speech did clear politics. much of the bus surrounded the local school where the president delivered that pep talk today. first though, we start with brian moar who has reaction from around the country. >> reporter: after days of controversy, president obama delivered 16-minute pep talk to the nation's school children aired in classrooms coast to coast. >> you cannot drop out of school and drop onto a good job. you've got to train for it and
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work for it and learn for it. >> reporter: his focus? personal responsibility. >> here in america, you write your own destiny. you make your own future. >> reporter: the message, learn now, succeed later. >> what is your contribution going to be? what problems are you going to solve >> reporter: critics thought it would be too political. >> the original lesson plan was tell how you can help president obama. that's just not appropriate. in the end this speech wasn't exactly propaganda. >> i hope all of you are washing your hands a lot. >> reporter: many schools wrestled with the decision whether to show this speech. the president's words didn't seem to resonate with everyone, some found inspiration. >> i liked the fact he took it out of his time to come talk to us as students and let us know what we need to start doing. >> if it's the president talking you, temperaturing you you should stay in school, you are going to listen.
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>> reporter: a speech and a controversy turned civics lesson for america's youth. the last president to give a national school speech like this was the first president bush back in 1991. he took plenty of fire from democrats. brian moar, nbc news, washington. i'm kimberly suiters at wakefield high school? south arlington. the freshmen arrived first. a few appeared overwhelmed, not st by the first day, but by the media attention and the anticipation of a special guest. >> he is going to tell us we need to stay in school and stuff. like this is more important than, you know, anything else. >> reporter: she hadn't heard much about the controversy, whether a president can convey a message without appearing political, but this father of a freshman had. >> i heard comments they were going to be brainwashed. i think it's hard to brainwash someone with an hour-long speech. usually takes longer to do that.
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i think they are overreacting. kids should enjoy the experience. >> reporter: the seniors scheduled to start later said they are not concerned about undue influence. >> i think that's outrageous. whatever he has to say, it could only be positive. it's not like he is going to give our kids a negative message, you know? >> reporter: these young women, ambassadors for wakefield high school indicated the president's actions speak louder than his words. >> happy he's coming to our school. a lot of stuff doesn't really happen at our school. >> reporter: a lot happened on this day. the president's visit bringing out a handful of supporters and at least three detractors unaffiliated with the high school. >> i think it's a power grab and he's trying to educate our youth to serve the government. that's not american. >> reporter: the brothers won't step foot in wakefield for at least ten years. their mother trotted them out in the rain to welcome the president of the united states to school. just to give you some idea how chaotic this first day of school was, most of the roads around
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the school were closed off. also a mother who tried to register her son for class today said she would have to come back tomorrow. in south arlington, kimberly suiters, news4. more than 366,000 students returned to school today in northern virginia. that was the scene at coast elementary in herndon this morning. one of two brand-new schools in fairfax county. it was both the first day of school and first day in their brand-new building. with enrollment of 133,000 studts, fairfax county is virginia's largest school system. they hope the new classrooms will keep up with the pace of growth in the county. there were several thousand new students this year, many transferring from private schools. >> we ended up having to increase class size throughout the system, whether it be regular education classes, special education, english as a second language. all those classes will be larger. on average, it's only about 1/2
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student. at the high school lowell, people will see fewer elective offerings. fairfax county has to cut $150 million from this year's budgets. the cuts included 97 bus routes and staff reductions. laurel hill elementary is fairfax county's second brand-new school which is now open for learning. the school is located on laurel crest drive in lorton. fairfax county is virginia's largest school system, as we said. this year the county has about 175,000 students. in arlington, the summer officially ended there as kids headed back to classes. this is the scene this morning at arlington traditional school on in order edison street where elementary students were greeted by faculty and staff. school enrollment is expected to be just over 20,000 students. it was a gloomy day for the kids. clouds hung around for much of a e veronica johnson, with that fast
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ball se clouds have been persistent today. didn't get a lot of rain around here, but south, oh, those neighborhoods did. st. mary city, maryland, close to an inch of rain. temperature cool like everywhere. 67 degrees. look at that rain. an inch, close to it. there is that low pressure system off the coast of north carolina. easterly wind, eventually we may see another low become a ureain ur weather tomorrow. boy, oh boy, more clouds for the overnight. more rain spreading back to the north. 72 the temperature right now at reagan national. 76, a little warmer in hagerstown north and west where there have been a few breaks in the cloud cover today. for your evening, i think we are going to be for the most part dry at 5:00 and 7:00. some rain showers will start probably coming back at 9:00. 11:00, temperatures drop to the upper 60s. evening showers, mainly south and east. lingering clouds and showers not just f tomorrow, w but for much of the workweek.
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i'll detail that and how cool temperatures are going to be. pat? >> thanks, veronica. a dark cloud over virginia. there will be lay-offs and cuts to higher education as the commonwealth struggles to deal with a widening budget deficit. governor tim kaine says $1.35 billion has to be cut from the budget because of a $7 billion revenue shortfall bug bhtn oy the poor economy.n nearly 600 state employees are inbelaid off, some will be toasd lkeinve starting tomorrow. thee k tengpiirhe jobs will take an unpaid day off on their friday before memorial day xt memorial day next .r governor ekain kaine ordered closing to prisons and funding cut to state-supported colleges a universities. hitting the books in prince georges county will be.erur tta s. will close on in october, more lrary urs around tou cwihenty ll be
4:08 pm c nt o clo $2il.4 m bli$2tonil mlion budge year. ibra workers will be furloughed ten days to help save money. anrmored car loses its load. >> plans for new supermarkets. >> let's look at other stories making headlines in our area today. investigators think a medical emergency may have caused a driver to slam head-on into a ride-on bus. paramedics found the driver of the jeep having a heart attack when they arrived on the scene. the driver was pronounced dead later in the hospital. the bus driver and one passenger on that bus were hurt in the crash. they were also taken to the hospital. investigators are not absolutely sure whether the heart attack caused the crash. that investigation will continue. after june's deadly crash on the red line, metro pledged it would keep the older 1,000 series railcars in the center, but "the washington examiner" is reporting three times since the
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crash, those cars were in the lead position. there is concern the older cars are more likely to collapse during a collision comparedo the newer models. there are plans in the works re build a harris teeter grocery store. the store will be part of a building planned for 401 m street southeast, but there will be a while before the story is built. it is expected to happen within three years. harris teeter already has two stores in the city and is building a third near the new york avenue metro station. talk about loose change. check out this season in buoy this morning. some armored drug drivers lost part of their load. hundreds of coins spilled out along the roadway on route 50 and route 3. the coins backed up traffic. police were called in to clean up the mess. they used brooms to sweep the money off the roadway. election officials in afghanistan say about 200,000 votes have been thrown out after
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widespread allegations of fraud. the commission's officer called the final numbers suspicious. the commissioner received hundreds of complaints, including ballot box stuffing in last month's election. 74% of the polling places released so far, president hamid karzai leads abdullah abdullah. >>. >> it has been another bloody day for u.s. servicemen in afghanistan. four americans were killed in an attack. here to talk about the latest developments is nbc's chief correspondent richard engel. let's start out with what happened today. >> reporter: today on the military front those soldiers, they were actually marines who were killed in a complex ambush in kunar province. this is an area where marines are training afghan soldiers. the other news on the political
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front, more allegations of fraud in last month's election. today a u.n.-backed body said thousands of votes should be recounted. the u.s. embassy here issued a statement encouraging more of the recounting of the votes, encouraging the bodies overseeing these elections to take these allegations seriously. >> we know last month in afghanistan, august was the deadliest month there. do we know yet what we can attribute this latest surge in violence to? >> reporter: according to u.s. commanders, it is a surge in ieds, the improvised explosive devices. we just returned from southern afghanistan. i can tell you the ieds are everywhere. they are small, sometimes homemade bombs. sometimes they are premade italian, russian land mines. a lot of times it feels like the
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soldier are walking through mine fields trying to not to step on these ieds. >> some leaders on the ground there are calling for more troops in afghanistan. they say that may be the answer. even democrats seem to be questioning that strategy here at home. what is the answer? i know that is a loaded question. >> reporter: the answer, i think, when you talk to a lot of people, including the military, is that it must go beyond just the military offensive. what they need to do on the ground is try to create more stability. the biggest problem they are having right now is that the political framework seems to be getting out of hand. there is no legitimate partner anymore, particularly with all these accusations of fraud and corruption. the united states government and military are finding they don't have anyone to talk to on the afghan side. while more troops may or may not become available to conduct operations, to conduct stabilizing exercises to try to
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give the government more credibility, if the government undermines itself by holding legal elections, they have a real problem. bc>> >> nbc news cef foreign correspond richard engel there, thank you so much. dars currently dembedded with the striker bgade n "nbc nightly news" airs on nbc 4 at 7:00. when news4 at 4:00 continues, colleges are dealing with fears of a major flu outbreak as kids head back to classes. >> federal health officials move to keep us safe as companies discover one of their products has been contaminated. >> a new hitch in the cash for clunkers program. what you need to know if you took part in that.
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new rule for food manufacturers after they discovered contamination problems. they must report any health problems they find. the fda created a new food registry where companies will be required to post safety problems. one of the biggest outbreak was
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the peanut corporation of america. the salmonella problem led to thousands of recalled products and hundreds of illnses. bagged spinach and tomatoes were associated with food-borne illnesses. >> now to swine flu as students head back to school. we've seen dozens of cases in colleges in this area. kevin tibbles looks at what campuses are doing across the country to keep the virus in check. >> reporter: on college campuses across the country, the kids are moving in. at chicago's depaul university like elsewhere, there is an uninvited guest, the swine flu. >> swine flu or not, i always lived at home with my family. it's different living in a place with this many people. >> you have to be concerned. what can you do? >> reporter: college websites council students on what to do should they feel ill. >> frequent washing of hands, avoiding shaking hands with people who are sick. covering your mouth when you sneeze and cough.
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>> reporter: according to the centers of disease could controlling this started out in the southeast where classes opened the earliest, but has spread quickly. >> with school starting, we are going to start seeing an uptick in cases. we know we are likely to see that uptick before the vaccine is available. >> reporter: fall pasttimes like college football have taken a hit at washington state university where 2,200 students may have come down with h1n1. at emery university in atlanta, a vacant dorm bidding is used to house sick students. here at the university of illinois chicago they are planning to offer the common flu vaccine to 26,000 students. the h1n1 vaccine as soon as it's on the market. >> our plan is to hope for the best, prepare for the worst. >> reporter: the new vaccine won't be available until some time next month. crowded campuses are perfect places for the virus to spread.
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so students are being advised to wash their hands with soap or hand sanitizer regularly. if they feel sick, see a doctor. chicago. wsnes keith garvin will wse the latest on swine flu numbers on college campuses in this area and how schools are growing to the numbers of sick students. that's ahead. if you took part in the government-cash for clunkers program, wants to make sure you were treated fairly. it's liking for people who traded in a car, bought a new car and theer we asked to pay up. some car buyers were told they had to pay an additional $4,500 when the rebate application was rejected by the government. saidome deals did not go through because of a late insurance registration payment. edmonds wants effective consumers to e-mail the website to look into the problems. many of your neighbors made travel plans for the fall.
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a major announcement from michael jackson's travel indust
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washingtonians say they plan t o travel this fall season. 87% plan to travel for lsure this fall. 47% say the plan towie v the fall foale j. some willisit a state county, r alfefastiv. 15% say they will go to an oktoberfest event. 23% plan to travel to attend a football game. some outside factors are goi to affect travelers' decisions about where and when they travel. for example, a full fifth of folks asked said they feel t swine flu could affect their travel plans. 25% say concerns about hurricane season which lasts through november may impact where they travel this fall. i always like to go up and see the leaves. >> pretty soon i'll be showing that map, too. seems like we went wham straight out of summer.
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>> where did it go? just vanished. >> exactly. school's back in session. we are all back at work. it's raining. scattered light showers are mostly across the area as we pan across the area. you can see lots of clouds. those low-hanging clouds now. 72 degrees the temperature. the dew point temperature is at 57 degrees. of the our windut noh-northeast at 13 miles per hour. muhow ch rain hhoe we gotten n today? .07 inch since stember 1. .45 inch. it means that .41 we are in the hole, our deficit since september 1, we could easily make that up over the next couple of days. here is a look at radar. we'll zoom in. you can see light showers right there inside of the beltway right now where most of the heaviest rain has been is south of our area and east. salisbury, ocean city wet, now
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that rain moved east of the northern neck and south of st. marys. look at it. virginia beach, newport news, they have been wet today. there's been wind down there, as well. with gusts up to around 20 to 30 miles per hour. two low pressure systems spinning. you can see one there off the coast of north carolina. another one in western ohio. the main weather systems though, they are giving us that persistent easterly flow, these two. you can have the clockwise flow around t low or counterclockwise flow around the low. there is the clockwise flow around the high. eventually this low pressure system in ohio may allow that rain that's been hanging south and east of us, it may allow it to spread further north and west and more inland. pax river, .72th sou tiqun iantf
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chesapeake, virginia, 5.37 inches. close to 4 inches in williamsburg, virginia. in the atlantic, we talked about this yesterday. it was then a tropical depression. now it's tropical storm fred. we will be monitoring this storm. could become a hurricane inside of the next few days. it's in the forecast through the weekend. showers back in about 9:00, 10:00 p.m. more rain throughout the day tomorrow. thursday right now is looking wet and cool. temperatures in the low 70s. mainly south and east for your evening. 66 to 70 degrees. starting out in the low 60s tomorrow. we'll talk about t highs with the seventh-day forecast in a few. >> thank you. >> cloudy outside. pat lawson muse delivers sunshine today. >> we try. >> an element try in alexandria t a special delivery.
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>> they did. they got backpacks from the staff and representatives from cbs. they were donated during our campaign last month. it was our fourth annual drive to collect backpacks for needed students in the area we collected 3,400 backpacks for kids at 26 area schools. the kids at cameron were delighted to get pencils, papers, rulers and glue. cameron has about 525 students, 65% get free or reduced-price lunch. the principal and the parents are grateful for the backpacks. >> a mother sat down in my office and cried when i told her she didn't have to buy backpacks or pencils. >> last year they earned the highest stores ever on standardized tests. >> probably a correlation between the scores and
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backpacks. >> they need supplies to do their school work. a group effort to keep passengers from being stranded on planes that are stuck on runway for hours. >> the president prepares to address the congress on health care. will a public option be part of his plan? we'll have the latest from the hill. >> police believe they have their man. a serial killer on the run for more than two decades.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:30 now. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm craig melvin in for jim handly. president obama's highly anticipated address to school students today included a pep talk. not propaganda as critics accused. at arlington's wakefield high, obama challenged all students to work hard and study hard.
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even though the message steered clear of politics, many schools chose not to broadcast the speech. it was the first day for school for thousands in northern virginia today. in fairfax, many students had to adjust to new teachers and new buildings, as well. two brand-new schools opened today. some students had to adjust to new bus routes. fairfax county eliminated nearly 100 bus stops to save money. there are going to be more lay-offs as the commonwealth struggles to deal with a widening budget deficit. governor tim kaine says $1.3 billion must be cut from the budget. state employees will be laid off and others will take an unpaid day off next year. kaine announced cuts to higher education. president obama is fine-tining huss primetime address before a joint session before congress tomorrow. the topic is health care reform. the goal is drummin up bipartisan and public support for his plan.
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steve handelsman is live with the story on capitol hill. >> reporter: thanks. even if this weren't about the controversial program of health care reform being pushed by the president and the democrats and the republicans say they're involved, too, even if it weren't, this would be a big deal. you have president bush after 9/11 addss the joint session of congress. before that it was bill clinton on health care reform. the big question, what bill barack obama say about the so-called public option, government insurance? yesterday before the afl-cio he waffled, saying as he has a couple of times, i'm for it, but not saying that it's a must. the president is under a lot of pressure. on capitol hill as the senate was gavelled back into session after an august break there was a moment of silence for senator ted kennedy. nobody was a stronger advocate for a government insurance option for the public option than ted kennedy. down at the white house today, outside a demonstration, not
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just by people who backed public option, but by former barack obama campaign workers who said, yes, we can do the public option. while inside, nancy posi was telling president obama most of the members in her house of representatives favor the public option, but the president is under a tremendous amount of pressure not to say it's make or break. not to tell the nation or law makers if you don't give me the public option, i won't sign this bill. exactly how he tries to tread that line between pushing hard but not saying i won't sign it if you don't give it to me, we'll see tomorrow night. >> steve handelsman, thank you. we all heard the horror stories of airline passengers stuck r hours on the tarmac. now a proposed law to help air travelers could be closer to reality. a group calle the business travel coalition is now coming out in support of a federal law that would get passengers off planes after a delay reaches three hours. the coalition had previously
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opposed the legislation. other business travel groups are supporting the proposed law. airlines do not want the new law. they say contingency plans in place should prevent future problems. police in wisconsin say dna has linked a milwaukee man to the murders of nine women. detectives arrested walter ellis at a motel in franklin, wisconsin, saturday. police believe he is connected to crimes that date back to 1986. he's been charged with two dounts of murder. prosecutors say more charges are expected. investigators believe eight of the victims were prostitutes and one was a runaway. when we come back, the big-name stars that plan to join jermaine jackson in a michael jackson tribute concert. with all the kids back in school, can the holidays be far around the corner? we'll hear how record numbers of people are already thinking ahead.
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welcome . welcome back. veronica johnson here. outside our window, cloudy skies across the area. that rain south and east of the area. temperatures have been cool at 72 degrees. we take on the philadelphia phyllis. 71 the temperature. dropping to the upper 60s. mostly cloudy skies out there. there is that easterly .wind because of that persistent easterly wind, there could be mino floodg with tides running about a foot to 1 1/2 feet above normal. the washington channel, 11:09 p.m. temperatures will drop to the upper 50s, low 60s by tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, good chance it's going to be wet across the area. higher chance of rain during tomorrow afternoon. the high 73. on wednesday, 77 with a 50% chance of showers. thursday there will be some more
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rain, as well, coming through. actually, we start the week looking at wednesday. wednesday and thursday now wet. drying out and clearing with temperatures in the low 80s this upcoming weekend. back to you. a tribute to michael jackson from his little sister. janet jackson will perform this sunday at the mtv music awards. she is said to be in rehearsals for a show that includes 20 backup dancers. janet jackson said very little publically since her brother's death. reportedly she recruited some of the biggest choreographers to work with her. >> organizers will celebrate the king of pop with a star-studded concert in vienna, austria this month. jermaine made the announcement this morning. he said up to 25 performers will grace the stage september 25th. mary jay blige, natalie cole,
4:40 pm
kris brown and sister sledge. organizers say -- >> this is just an unbelievable humanitarian, unbelievable human being. organizers say jackson's family will be in austria for the concert, along with 65,000 fans. >> that should be quite the show. >> it will be. when we come back, think free on your birthday. what businesses are offering you. >> a quick fiction saves the day. if you've got an internet
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connection, you could be off to see the wizard. netflix is offering a free viewing of "the wizard of oz" next month. it is to commemorate the 75th anniversary. you can log on to netflix'
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website. the movie will be shown october 3rd. turning a year older can have its benefits. many businesses offer freebies to help you celebrate your big day. >> reporter: all right. i've got my internet searches, the local paper, a couple of coupons sent to me. let's see if there is anything good about being one year older today. first stop, breakfast. all i need to do is fill this out, sign up for your rewards club and i get a free breakfast on my birthday? these days birthday freebies are turning into big business. >> it's a win-win. if you think about it, they are coming in getting a free meal, but they are buying one with a friend or loved one. even mega companies like disney have bought into the birthday bonanza, covering free admission on your special day. at tampa's busch gardens.
4:45 pm
>> we are honoring our guest with a free birthday safari. >> it's my birthday. >> a safari that normally costs 33 bucks, no charge. feeding the giraffe? priceless. that is just the start of the savings. we found the possibilities are almost endless. >> happy birthday. >> i like that one. >>. ♪ happy birthday dear christen ♪ >> happy birthday to me. there are things you might never imagine. >> any time during the week for your birthday they can get their teeth cleaned. we do that to make them feel special. it's patient appreciation. >> reporter: how about organization? >> do you wear all these shoes? >> reporter: that's right. the organizing queen. >> it's so much easier to find thin.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: give you the third hour free for your birthday. in every community there are websites popping up with the best birthday deals. and vendors -- >> these are your bacon-wrapped filets, buy one, get one free on your birthday. >> reporter: steaks, safari, golf, make-up and a clean closet? what more could i wish for? >> we've been missing out. when we come back, a stuck truck. some firemen ran onto trouble of their own. george clooney is out promoting his new movie. that's not what's grabbing all the at be aware of sleepy d
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who may be tired working two jo in this economy. a study of exhausted drivers shows they are one of the greatest risks to roadway safety. according to the highway and traffic safety officials, drowsy driving accounts for 100,000 crashes and 1,500 deaths every year. the study done at the sleep disoer center at henry ford hospital in detroit also shows the biggest reason for loss of sleep is financial strain. this would have been a nice
4:51 pm
day to take a nap, too. cloudy all monday long. ca jronson joins us from storm center 4. >> don't remind me. i love naps. let's look outside. it's cloudy across the area. it's not all that wet across the area. we've got just one little shower north and east of berriville here and brandywine south of us. temperatures in the low 70s. tomorrow morning look for showers. 69 to 64 degrees. sun's up at 6:44. we should see a high of around 76 degrees. perhaps slightly higher than today. here to look at your wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday now, two wet days coming up. the high on thursday 70 and we'll start clearing out friday for the weekend. starts to warm up. >> thanks, veroca. when we come back, many people are planning ahead for the holiday season. an old favorite at an apartment
4:52 pm
store. layaway. it's coming back. >> and from department store shoppers, a real surprise at the wner.
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let's take a look at some of the stories making news on the web. a south romalina n's labor day shopping outingde inclunad an unexpected trip to the hospital. the man was bitten by a copperhead snake at a walmart monday. he was taken to a local hospital. the snake was killed at the store. the copperhead snake is venomous. the san francisco bay area reopened after a crack was found in the bridge late last week. commuters started across the span just before lunch hour. traffic flowed smoothly in the morning. the five-inch crack was discovered last week during a
4:56 pm
maintenance check. crews worked around the clock to make repairs. about 60,000 vehicles cross tha bridge every day. >> a fire truck in a sinkhole. that truck was responding to a water main break this morning in southern california. water and power crews were already on the scene when the truck got there. the truck landed at a 45-degree angle with its back up in the air. it kept sinking. firefighters fortunately were able to get out safely and no one was jured. actor george clooney is in venice to premiere his new provy. the oscar winner and his girlfriend there arrived by helicopter and boarded a speed boat. clooney was seen wearing a baage on his right hand. you can see it there. clooney apparently shut a car door on his hand. he is promoting the film "the men who stare at goats," a comedy about psychic warfare. if you don't want to pay for
4:57 pm
something with plastic these days and don't have enough cash, you may want to ask the sto about layancway.wa yes, layaway is back and back in a big way. cnbc jane wells has more in today's nbc news insider report. >> reporter: liz ramirez is going to be a grandmother. she is buying things ahead of time. with credit tight and cash short in this economy, ramirez is going back to the future with layaway. >> we see it coming back. >> reporter: layaway used to be popular before credit cards became so easy to get you. put up a small deposit on an item you want to buy and the store holds on to that item until you come back to pay off the balance. unlike a credit card, there are no interest charges. >> they don't have to max out a charge card. they could use the charge card maybe for a vacation. >> reporter: k-mart relaunched layaway seeing a jump in popularity this summer.
4:58 pm says more people use it. some retailers are bringing back the christmas club. >> at k-mart they have these debit cards you could add cash to. they will add 3% of the total to. >> reporter: it's hoped this will help boost business for big-ticket items like electronics. sears resurrected layaway and is pushing tv sales with the help of brett favre in a campaign that makes fun of guys who keep changing their minds. >> guys out there agonize on making decision. it's not their things. they waffle. this he don't know what they are going to do. >> they drive me crazy. >> reporter: the ad has been a hit as favre hopes to prove everything old is new again. >> i was going to retire today, then i was like, nope, going to go back to work. >> good choice. >> reporter: jane we s,cnbc, here is something youht oantddo m a ao t your wish list. the beatles rock coming up at 7:00 onc' nbs nbightly news," a big debut will
4:59 pm
introduce a whole new generation to the fab 4. that's news4 at 4:00, news4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight on news4 at 5:00, a head-on crash, crunched metal, broken glass. >> more flu patients, new fears. more than 100 local students are sick. >> pass or fail, local students and teachers grade the president on his back-to-school speech. good afternoon, welcome to news4 news at 5:00. i'm wendy rieger. a mother's anguish after she sees her teenage son shot twice in a drive-by. the wounds left behind are not just physal. pat collins joins us with southeast d.c. with more on this. pat? >> reporter: it's time to go. a mother whose son was shot and wounded here in


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